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Hitts opened in 1993 and continues to serve Beaufort's need for better sound, convenience and security. 

We offer installation services by a 40 year car audio veteran.  (Not some kid who says that he knows how to "hook sh*t up.")

With over 65 years of professional car audio experience, Hitts has the knowledge and ability to make your dreams come true. 

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    In this day and age, it is very easy to do all of your shopping online (and in your pajamas.)  The "deals" can be tempting, for sure.  But, you need to be an informed consumer.  Far too many times, the lowest price is NOT the "best deal".  Many manufacturers of quality car audio equipment do not allow ANY online sales, and quite a few even have WARNINGS about the very real risks of buying online.  Buying car audio online is not without very REAL RISKS.  

Check out this warning from two of the most respected high-end manufacturers in the business:

- Arc Audio's warning - LINK

- Audison/Hertz/Elettromedia's warning - LINK

If you educate yourself and dig a little deeper into this, you will find that many online sellers do NOT offer a manufacturer's warranty for many of the products which they sell.  You have to read the "fine print" but the disclaimer is there.  Hitts AutoSound is authorized for all of the brands which we sell, so you will get a FULL FACTORY WARRANTY on the products.  This means that the company who BUILT the product will be servicing it.  For those who are shrewd enough to purchase from us AND have us handle your installation, we confidently offer a lifetime labor warranty.  At no extra charge.  Your installation's reliability should not be "optional."

There are THREE primary aspects in a well-planned car audio system. TWO of the most critical parts of a proper "system" are design and installation.  Those are two things that CANNOT be purchased online.  To make a strangely fitting analogy, purchasing car audio equipment online is the equivalent of just getting a bag of miscellaneous groceries when you REALLY want a great meal.  Equipment is a very important part, but it is still only one PART of the "system." 

Hitts AutoSound doesnt just give you a bag of groceries....

We give you the audio equivalent of a gourmet meal. 

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Hitts AutoSound is Beaufort's ONLY AUTHORIZED DEALER for Phoenix Gold.  Their product lineup features 4 lines of amplifiers, 5 lines of subwoofers, and 3 lines of speakers.  Something for nearly every budget without sacrificing product quality.  Hitts is proud to have been chosen to represent the Phoenix Gold line in this area.  If you would like to HEAR why Phoenix Gold is one of the most desired products available, stop by and check out our demo vehicle.  A fast and furious Mitsubishi Lancer Evo8.  One listen and you'll understand why we were so excited to bring in Phoenix Gold.

Arc Audio is both respected and feared in car audio competitions.  To learn a little bit about the brand and its' unequaled accomplishments, CLICK HERE !!!

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of the brands that you can find at Hitts

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While we do not condone doing this to a great subwoofer, it's kinda fun to watch.  Pay attention, the ENTRY LEVEL Phoenix Gold R10 woofer actually took 3025 watts before it smoked.  (It is only rated for 200 watts RMS.)  The Ti-12 handled the power for well OVER a minute.  (It is rated for 600 watts RMS)